Piano Storage

Here at Kent Piano Movers, we are one of the top piano storage, rental, and moving companies in the South East. This means you can always trust our top-notch service to store your piano without a hitch. We keep your piano extra safe in our temperature-controlled, secure facility. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can always count on us for quality service, affordable pricing, and expert advice.

How our piano storage works

Storing a piano is a lot more technical than most would think. It’s not as simple as covering the piano and tucking it away. Piano storage involves temperature control and protective materials. So how does it all work? Let’s start with our piano storage facility. Piano storage facilities should be climate-controlled for the best results, which is why we make sure to maintain the recommended 21°C.

When putting a piano in storage, we also cover each unit with high-quality wrapping to protect the instrument against possible damage and scratches. To further guarantee protection and safety, our piano storage facility also has security alarms to monitor the surrounding activity. Your piano is definitely in safe hands!

Why our piano storage is simply better

  • No need for piano maintenance after being in storage
  • Great prices, deals, and discounts
  • Protective blanket wrap to prevent damage to your piano
  • Temperature-controlled piano storage facility
  • No harm or rust to the piano parts, strings, and pedal

Low cost piano storage pricing

We offer the best piano storage prices guaranteed. Your budget is important to us, which is why we’re pleased to offer competitive piano storage pricing with a guaranteed price match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is putting a piano in storage so important?

Proper storage gets overlooked so often by many owners. The truth is that a piano is an extremely delicate instrument. And when it doesn’t get used for a long time, it maysuffer from significant damage. That is why storing the piano in a climate-controlled, protected facility is vital.

How long can I store my piano at your facility?

Here at Kent Pianos, we are pleased to offer both short-term and long-term storage. Whether you need accommodation for three months or one year, we’ve got you covered.

What is the optimal piano storage temperature?

Pianos are delicate, which means the storage temperature cannot be too hot or too cold. Experts suggest the ideal storage temperature should be in and around 21°C with 50% humidity.

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