Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for our customers.

  1. Definitions

    1. “We”, “us” refers to our company “Kent Piano Movers”.
    2. “The Team” refers to the owner and employees at “Kent Piano Movers”.
    3. “Customer” or “you” refers to you the customer/client, the person requesting our services.
    4. “Piano Move”, “move” or “services” refers to any moving of a piano either from one location to another, within the same property or area or piano disposal – basically any action that is physically moving a piano.
    5. “Quote” refers to a quotation offered by us based on the information provided by you.
  2. Quotations

    1. Our quotes are subject to change if the details provided by you are inaccurate. If you don’t know either the collection or the destination particulars, please just select “don’t know” in the quote form.
    2. If there are differences in your information then we reserve the right to charge additional fees to continue with the piano move
    3. After the cancellation window has closed, if you no longer wish to continue with the piano move then we will charge you the full amount listed in the quote.
  3. Your responsibilities

    1. You must be the owner of the piano or have permission from the owner to perform the move.
    2. You must be present during the move to ensure access to the collection and, if relevant, destination points.
      1. If you cannot attend, please submit contact details for the collection and/or destination locations.
  4. Included services

    1. Our services will include the piano move with a dismantling service provided accurate details of the piano are provided in advance
    2. We cannot provide dismantling of furniture or appliances unless agreed in advance
    3. We cannot provide any electrical work such as disconnecting or reconnecting light fittings or electrical sockets
    4. We cannot offer an inclusive moving service for other large items unless agreed in advance
  5. Payment

    1. We will require payment upon completion of the move.
      1. If requested, we may offer payment through an invoice.
  6. Damage or loss

    1. Damage or loss to the piano as well as damage or loss relating to our moving service is covered by our insurance policy.
    2. If you notice any damage to the piano, furniture, surfaces or fittings during the move, please notify one of the team at the time or as soon as possible.
    3. We limit the period to notify of any damage to two working days after the move.
  7. Cancellations

    1. We offer a reason-free cancellation up to 4pm the day before the piano move.
    2. If you cancel after this time, you are liable for the full quoted amount.

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