Frequently Asked Questions


Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are. We are fully insured with In Transit and Public Liability insurance to move pianos throughout the UK and to your onward destination.

What do I need to do before you move my piano?

Not much. Just be sure to declutter the area surrounding the piano as well as the pathways to all entrances and exits so we can safely move your piano. If there are items on your piano, please move these prior to our arrival and if there is a piano stool accompanying the piano, please take out any sheet music and other items if there is storage here.

Do I need to be present while you move my piano?

Not always. We’re flexible in that regard and we’re always willing to work with our customers, but we do prefer that you be on the premises. We like to have the piano owner present just so you can have peace of mind knowing that your piano is in good hands with us.

What information do I need to get a quote?

We’ll ask you for a full list of information required in our quotation request form. If we need anything else, we’ll be in touch once we’ve heard from you.

Why do you ask about door, gravel and lawns in the quotation form?

We ask questions about lawns, gravel drives, door removals and other relevant questions as these affect the moving process and specialist equipment is often required to make the process as smooth as possible.

How much does a piano weigh?

That depends upon the type of piano. Here are the average weights for each type of piano:

Piano type Weight (metric) Weight (imperial)
Cottage/Yacht Piano 115kg – 160kg 250lb – 350lb
Upright ¾ Sized Piano 135kg – 270kg 300lb – 600lb
Upright Piano 135kg – 400kg 300lb – 900lb
Pianola 270kg – 400kg 600lb – 900lb
Baby Grand Piano 360kg – 540kg 800lb – 1,200lb

How much does it cost to move a piano?

The cost depends on a variety of factors so there isn’t a one size fits all price. We’ll need more information from you about the piano and location to get a better idea of pricing. Please complete the quotation form to receive your free piano quote.

How much does it cost to move a piano locally?

As mentioned in the previous answer, it will depend on a number of factors. Within our coverage area, will only add to our base cost to cover the fuel so you can expect a good price from us!

How much does it cost to move a piano nationally?

When performing moves outside of our our coverage area, the cost will be higher. The base price will be the same, but additional costs for both fuel and time will be added to reflect the resources required. If you want to find out more, please complete the quotation form so you can compare us to other dedicated piano movers nationwide.

When do I make the payment?

We accept payment upon completion.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have a card reader with us and accept payments on the day by credit card, bank transfer or cash. If you wish to make a payment in advance or require an invoice, please let us know.

How quickly can you move my piano?

Typically, local moves can be performed within a few days – provided it’s a quick, easy move and not one that requires step or stair work.

If you have a piano to move from one town to another town or adjacent county, we try to accommodate your move within two weeks sooner – this gives us the ability to move multiple pianos at once and subsequently offer a lower price to you.

How much notice do you need?

More is better, but we can usually work to tight schedules such as two or three days. For more complicated or longer travel distances, please avoid leaving it to the last minute as we’ll need more notice to allocate you a spot within our schedule.

Can I specify a time of day?

Yes, but we prefer you request only a morning or only an afternoon time if this is essential.

Do you only do local piano moves?

No, we regularly make trips up and down the UK depending on your requirements. We try to time the moves so we can move multiple pianos at a time and keep your moving cost down. However, we’re always willing to work to fulfil your moving needs if they fall outside of our route on the day.

Do you outsource your moves to anyone else?

No, we do not do this. We always use our fully trained and experienced piano movers. You can’t become a piano mover overnight; it takes many years to be proficient. We understand the importance of experience and training keeping you and your piano safe throughout.

Does the cost of the move include tuning?

Unfortunately, it does not include tuning. However, once moved your piano should not require tuning. If there is a change of environmental conditions between locations, it may be advisable to have the piano tuned after an interval of a couple weeks.

Does my piano need to be tuned after it’s moved?

It shouldn’t need it as moving your piano doesn’t affect its tuning. However, the temperature, room size, and humidity of the new space may affect the piano’s sound when compared to the old space. You’ll want to wait a couple of weeks to let your piano become acclimatised to the new location and then determine whether you need to get it tuned.

Will the sound of the piano be affected by the move?

It is highly unusual for any change of sound from the piano itself. However, if there is an accident during the move this may have an effect – so it is always advisable to use a professional piano moving service such as Kent Piano Movers.

As stated earlier, moving your piano will not actually affect the sound of the piano itself, however, the sound of a piano can change due to variations in humidity and temperature, which causes the steel and wood parts in a piano to contract and expand. Once moved, leave the piano untuned in its new location for a few weeks. Other considerations are the acoustics of the room, a change to the floor materials – with hardwood floors reflecting sound and carpets absorbing sound. The volume may increase if a piano is in a smaller space and conversely, quieter if the piano is now in a larger room.

If you are moving to a place with under floor heating, please consider purchasing special under floor heating mats for your piano to rest on. This will avoid unnecessary changes in temperature that will affect your piano’s tuning. Similarly, we recommend not placing pianos near a radiator or in a conservatory as sharp increases in temperature can damage the piano.

Can you store my piano?

Yes, we offer piano storage in our warehouse at affordable rates.

How much does it cost to store a piano?

This depends on the type of piano as well as how long you need to store it. Get in touch for a free storage quote.

Can regular removal companies move pianos safely?

No, it is unlikely this is a safe process. Please view a typical experience when starting with the wrong people – detailing the downsides of using regular movers to do a piano mover’s job. Also, you need to consider the insurance coverage or the lack of with most standard movers.

Rotating piano in hallway - negative example

View more about a non-professional moving experience in article: Don’t try moving your piano twice!

Why do I need to hire a piano mover?

It’s better to have the dedicated professionals move such heavy and bulk objects. There are many reasons such as competency of work, the proper equipment and suitable insurance coverage. We have covered this in more detail within the Piano Moving page.

What do I need to do in advance of the day?

We’ll guide you what’s needed through the quotation and booking process. If your piano move is straight-forward without complications, there may be very little that’s needed in advance. If the move is more complicated, we’ll be in touch with further questions. For piano moves, we do ask about contacts for collection and drop-off locations in case you are not present at either.

What do I need to do on the day?

Basically: clear access to the piano without too many avoidable impediments such as furniture or clutter. If there are items on your piano, please move these prior to our arrival and please take out any items if there is storage within the piano stool. If we need anything else from you; we’ll let you know in advance.

What happens if I cannot be at one (or all) of the locations?

Don’t worry, we do ask about this in the subsequent booking form. If you are unable at either or both locations, we’ll ask about contact details for each. This will help with access to the piano so we can move it within the property or to and from the van.

What should I do about parking?

If there is on-street parking, reserving a space will really help. However, we are willing to park where needed in order to complete the task safely – so if you’re willing to accept the liability for a potential ticket, we can complete the work quickly and effectively.

What about casters to move a piano?

Old Piano Caster

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Casters are not a reliable way to move pianos across many surfaces, particularly over time when these are prone to deteriorating. They will commonly snarl up and with grand pianos this can lead to breaking one of its legs. With any piano, damaged casters are likely to cause damage to carpet or wood floor surfaces.

This is where specialist equipment such as a dolly is perfectly suited to take the strain to ensure pianos are well away from the floors and other surfaces.

We have covered this in more details in a blog article: Don’t try moving your piano twice!

In advance of placing on wood flooring or tiling in the new location, we recommend purchasing protective caster cups. There are different types for upright and grand pianos and these can be purchased from Amazon or eBay.

Do you move the piano stool with the piano?

Yes, we will move the piano stool at the same time as the piano if this service is required.

Can you move something else, such as furniture, at the time?

Sometimes, but we will need prior notice to consider taking other items. This allows us to plan the day so the item will fit alongside your piano and other pianos during the day. Please add an additional note when making your quote request or get in touch after your request if you would like to request this service. We can not always accommodate other items, so be prepared to find a dedicated removal company if we are unable to meet this request.