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Don’t try moving your piano twice!

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Are you prepared to have two attempts to move your piano at double the cost?

We’ve heard many stories of this happening to our new customers – they get a cheap quote from a man with a van or simpley self-hire a van: “The casters will be fine”, “how heavy can it be?” and “the piano isnt that expensive anyway…”  Yes, we’ve heard the same old stories many times.

However, have you considered the collateral damage? It may not just be the piano that suffers – casters will frequently scrape your wood flooring or grind up the carpet…

The man with a van says he’ll do it for less – but how many times has he actually moved a piano? And if he has, can he say that each one has avoided damage along the way? Is he actually insured at all? Likely he has standard car insurance, but this insurance is useless to you – it will not cover your piano and it will not cover damage within your house.

On the day, “Oh, I think we may need more people” or “I can try again in a few weeks at this new price…” or “Sorry can’t do it, but I do need to be covered for my time…”

Don’t pay twice; get us to do it properly the first time.

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