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What goes into the piano moving cost?

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The main factors

The cost of moving a piano will mainly depend on the type of piano, the distance of the move, and if there are any steps, stairs or hazards at the collection or destination. As well as this, upright piano moving and grand piano moving are completely different things so will be priced accordingly.


Hazards can include deep gravel drives, uneven paving, steep driveways or across any grassy areas – especially when wet.

Little or large?

Larger pianos are more difficult to move because they’re (naturally) larger, heavier, and their shape can be troublesome depending on your location. You may even have to tip your piano on its end to get it in or out of a room if there is insufficient turning space.

Your piano moved properly

All of these factors make the move take longer because our fully trained moving teams are going to take their time and be extraordinarily careful to make sure your piano ends up at the destination in the same condition it started in.

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