Bosendorfer M200 (Strauss Ediition)

Bosendorfer M200 (Strauss Edition)

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Today we relocated a piano I have been waiting to move for some time a £130,000 Bosendorfer Grand Piano the rare Strauss limited edition, it was an absolute beauty.

The weather conditions were not great a cold icy day and the piano had to go across the top of a roof into its new Home, it was a tricky move as the roof was still in building site mode, its new location was a new build and was not yet fully completed.

We had the Intrepid trio on the case and the job went smoothly the Piano was not the only high value item their new wood floor needed just as much care.

When all was done, I even manged to get some time to play this amazing instrument.

Well done to all the team!

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