Christmas done “They said it couldn’t be done” style

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At Kent Piano Movers we always like to take on a Challenge; our Christmas Party was no different. We went to the Lord Wargrave in London, recommended by YouTube sensation Kate Ovens. We ordered the meat platter which is supposed to be for 2-3 people, and the challenge was on! With a platter each and a countdown of “Three, Two, ‘They said it couldn’t be done’, Go!

The staff there were excellent and we would highly recommend this establishment, I even managed to disgrace myself by guessing the age of our waitress wrong in epic style! I am not sure I am allowed back after that, trust the boss to put his foot in it! We all had a laugh about it afterwards however and it was another memory of our awesome night.

To our surprise, the winner was Jacob Bottley, the youngest member of the team to attempt the challenge! He finished everything other than his coleslaw, but as you can see by this picture he paid the price!

Kent Piano Movers wish you a Happy Christmas, Look out for more blogs in 2024.

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