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A challenging move – a steep incline and a very heavy piano

Today we moved a Bluthner upright piano from the late 1800s in the Sevenoaks area. It was a beast, weighing in at over 900lb, and a real challenge to move. As you can see from the video, there was over 20 steps and the angle is very steep.

At Kent Piano Movers we don’t turn down jobs, we see it as our duty to do all the jobs others don’t want to do; or can’t do! The customer tried many other companies to no avail, so was pleased they had finally found someone to take on such a monster manoeuvre.

Thank you again; I was so pleased. It made my day! I could not have used a better service for my requirements. The team of 3 were polite, punctual and friendly. They did an amazing job of moving my piano up a flight of steps – I was so impressed! I would have no hesitation in recommending this company. Excellent!

Tom Menditta, Eynsford in Dartford

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