Rotating piano in hallway - negative example

A cry for help

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Over the years we have frequently explained to our customers why you should use a professional piano moving team rather than a removal company.

Recently, we had a request for help relating to this matter and this perfectly illustrates why it is best to leave the moving of pianos to the professionals.

All the way from Hong Kong

Here is the initial correspondence from Sandy:

“The delivery company couldn’t handle my piano well and said my piano can’t be moved in to the living room (due to the staircase opposite to the living room). And they didn’t use the plate trailer for moving it. They just moved by hand using 5 people, and made a scratch on my piano because they removed the cover and cardboard and also damaged the wall. Therefore, I would like to ask for your professional advice and assistance in moving my piano from the garage back to the living room. Thank you!”

Sandy, potential customer

This is a sad story on a beautiful £6,000 upright piano that had made its way all the way from Hong Kong to Tunbridge Wells – only to be damaged at the last minute when it finally arrived at the house.

Just from these pictures it is clear there is no specialist equipment in use and the team a lack of piano moving expertise. Their efforts have resulted in considerable damage to both the walls and the polished wood floor. Finally, the damage is unknown and will require an inspection to deduce the damage here. So we sent our team to put right what we see – still too often move your piano once is our advise.

Smoothly completed by Kent Piano Movers

“May I show my appreciation to your first class service in moving my piano from the garage to the living room.

“Indeed, I have a painful experience of my piano which was moved by five strong men from a relocation company for an hour, but all was in vain, not to mention the damage to the wall and the floor.

“I am now relieved after saving my beloved piano, by that you only spent 15 minutes – and just two men.

“Thank you so much for your hard work and professionalism.”

Sandy and Stephen

Unfortunately, the story did not end there – the action of the piano did not play, even after removal and inspection by our team.

Please only use a professional piano moving team – in the world of piano moving this was not even a complicated job. A standard moving team with lack of knowledge experience and essential equipment made this job a cry for help.

Please get your move done properly, first time with the right people and equipment.

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