Spiral Stairs

The piano stair challenge

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Risky business?

With a lot of stairs to go up or down, moving a piano will require strong teamwork and coordinated movements. Unless everyone is organized and in sync, mistakes are likely to be made, resulting in the pianos safety, as well as your own, being put at high risk.

Stairs are the most dangerous part of any piano move, with most accidents occurring there. Serious injury is much more likely to be involved in the tight confined space of a staircase, not to mention damage to the piano and or your property. Unless the stairs are wide, it will be difficult to have two people on each side of the piano. So, if you are going up four or more stairs, seriously consider hiring a professional piano mover – even if you just need a move within the same property.

Upending the piano

Kent Piano Movers are fully insured to handle all types of piano moving services. We have moved many upright and grand pianos to different floors, with or without a lift. If the property has a lift, usually an upright piano will need to be upended to fit inside. This of course relies on the dimensions of the lift. Our teams have the equipment and training to take care of this safely and efficiently.

Everything’s in hand

Moving to a new location can be exciting, but it can also be complicated and dangerous when a large piano is involved. Allow us to take the stress away by moving your piano to its new home.

Hiring us at Kent Piano Movers will give you peace of mind in knowing all the right protections will be in place. We will handle the entire move from start to finish, carefully planning every last detail to ensure the move is as seamless as possible. We also offer piano storage options, should you need them now or in the future.

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